Check out this video of the making of the garden, edited by Miles Garnett from WACA-TV, Ashland Cable Television. 

This is located on a town owned parcel behind the left-field fence at the Ashland Middle School Baseball Field. The healing garden transforms a publicly accessed area near the Superfund site into a space for contemplation. Here you can retreat and consider the overall implications of the various histories, geographies, and human impact on this high ground known as Megunko Hill. 

To access the garden, you can park on the MBTA access road and walk through the Baseball Field. We are currently working with the Town to create an access point on the road and a safe walking path into the garden in the future.


Are you interested in volunteering on the creation of Phase II of the Public Garden elements? 
If so, please email

In order to participate, you will need to sign our Volunteer Liability Release Form,.

Ashland Healing Garden / Team Credits

Dan Borelli, Artist, AHS 1991
Marie Cieri, Grant Organizer
Brendan Carey, Landscape Architect Megan Panzano, Architect
Stas Berdichevsky, Engineer
John Rossi, Site Excavation, AHS 1993
Lorraine Fryer, Website & APP

Jerry Borelli
Dave Dieterly
Mike Skoog


WACA-TV, Ashland MA
Barbara Chisholm
Paul Beaudoin
Miles Garnet, AHS 

NEW ENGLAND LABORERS TRAINING ACADEMY / We were able to assist with this project with the approval from Jim Merloni, Jr.
Jim Merloni, Jr., Administrator, N.E.L.T.T.F.
Timothy Tracy, Master Instructor, N.E.L.T.T.F. AHS 1990
Terry Camara, Instructor, N.E.L.T.T.F. AHS 1989
Joel Kubilis, Instructor, N.E.L.T.T.F.
Mark Delaney, Instructor, N.E.L.T.T.F.
Rob Jack, Instructor, N.E.L.T.T.F. AHS 1989
George McCoy

Sean Perry, Facility Manager, N.E.L.T.T.F.
Louie Finelli, Facility Manager, N.E.L.T.T.F.

Jake Merloni , Student Volunteer AHS 2020
Ryan McCoin, Student Volunteer AHS 2020
Alex Merloni, Graduate Volunteer  AHS 2015
Brian Mahon, Graduate Volunteer  AHS 2015
J.J. Crupi, Graduate Volunteer AHS 2015

Lawrence Hathaway, Volunteer
Collin Camara, Volunteer
Scott McCoin, Resident Volunteer, Capenter's Union
Bill Cavanagh, Resident Volunteer, Blue Star Masonry
Billy Leacu, Resident Volunteer, Ashland Excavating

Ashland Excavating donated the cost of delivery of six transports

Blue Star Masonry donated the cost of delivery of materials.

Bernie and Marie Kane
Andy Kaufman, AHS 1991 and Lisa Kaufman AHS 1993
Larry Dejong
Rogie Boudreau, AHS 1991
John Matarese, AHS 1991 and Krissy Materese, AHS 1992
Jamie Merloni, AHS 1992 and  Kristen Merloni, AHS 1993

Mike Herbert, Town Manager
Nat Strosberg, Director of Community Development & Health
Mike Chrisafulli, Building Inspector 

Board of Selectmen: 
Joseph J. Magnani, Jr., Chair, 
Steven Mitchell, Vice Chair
Yolanda Greaves, Clerk, 
Carl G. Hakansson, Robert K. Scherer
Ashland Sustainability Committee