Artweek Boston 2015 'Walkshops'

Join artist Dan Borelli in Ashland Massachusetts as he gives a ‘walkshop’ tour of the exhibition ‘Illuminating Futures’ at the Ashland Public Library. In the center of Ashland is one of the first Superfund Sites; the Nyanza Colorant Plant and this art-based research project unpacks the various histories surrounded this contaminated community and the manufacturing of color. This ‘walkshop’ will be a combination gallery talk and tour of the Town of Ashland and the spatial network of this expanded art project which encompasses the streetlights and a future public garden.

This is a gallery talk that expands out into the spatial network of the town. This will be a conversation as we move through the town as a group and various notation, recording, and media devices are strongly encouraged. This session is free and open to the public.

Boston Globe Article February 19, 2015

Reporter Kathleen Burge interviewed me and put together this thorough article on the project. She did an excellent job of covering the various aspects of the history, the site, and the artistic interventions, and most importantly, my intentions and my position for the project.