Since I began this project, people have been asking what is happening today with the remediation and where is the contamination? This is a spatial intervention where the scientific color gradients of the below-grade contamination are transposed to the existing street lighting grid. The plume moves around across time, but the concentrations appear fairly consistent. Given that the Nyanza site had 100 different source chemicals, what remains is a unique cocktail of sludge below grade. The colors signify areas of concentration- Red being the most concentrated and slowly decreasing into Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and the Purple roughly mapping the extents of the monitoring area. The result is a polychromatic environment that shifts color in order to create a new cognitive map of place. 

Check out this video of shot and edited by Ashland native Chuck Green, Perpetual Motion Media.

*The Banner photograph above was shot by Justin Knight Photography

Contact Dan Borelli at admin@ashlandnyanzaproject.com for a Walkshop, which consists of an artist's talk while you map the colors on a scaled printout provided by the artist.

Or download the map below and walk the colored streetlights and annotate your map! Scan it and send it back and we'll include it on the project archives.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”
— Henry David Thoreau