BIO / Dan Borelli 

Director of Exhibitions, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Dan Borelli is a native of Ashland and current Framingham Massachusetts resident. Dan holds a Master in Design Studies from Harvard University, Graduate School of Design with a concentration in Art, Design, and the Public Domain. He also holds a BFA in Printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design and was selected to attend their Rome Program for a full academic year. Since 2000, he has worked at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design as the Director of Exhibitions and has managed well over a hundred projects at various scales featuring global leaders in the fields of architecture, art, landscape, and urban planning and design.   

In 2010 and as part of his Master studies at Harvard, Dan started an art-based research inquiry into the Nyanza Superfund Site in Ashland Massachusetts and the subsequent social histories. What he discovered was a hidden narrative of activism that defines the depth of commitment that Ashland citizens have shown across time. In seeking to make these buried narratives public, Dan will juxtapose these with the EPA’s findings on remediation, thus memorializing the human impact of environmental degradation. If we’re allowed to disassociate the cost of human lives from industrial activities then we lay the grounds for contamination to occur again.


Through the inception of this project there have been numerous collaborators, most notably has been an ongoing collaboration with Bernie and Marie Kane, in honoring their son Kevin who passed in 1998 from angiosarcoma that was later attributed to the Nyanza Superfund Site. 

Kevin Paul Kane Memorial Fund