Artweek Boston 2015 'Walkshops'

Join artist Dan Borelli in Ashland Massachusetts as he gives a ‘walkshop’ tour of the exhibition ‘Illuminating Futures’ at the Ashland Public Library. In the center of Ashland is one of the first Superfund Sites; the Nyanza Colorant Plant and this art-based research project unpacks the various histories surrounded this contaminated community and the manufacturing of color. This ‘walkshop’ will be a combination gallery talk and tour of the Town of Ashland and the spatial network of this expanded art project which encompasses the streetlights and a future public garden.

This is a gallery talk that expands out into the spatial network of the town. This will be a conversation as we move through the town as a group and various notation, recording, and media devices are strongly encouraged. This session is free and open to the public.